Second Chance

Chance AKA Second Chance

2007 Grade Quarter Horse Stallion

Rescued 4/12/2013, ADOPTED

Chance, when he arrived at the rescue.

Chance was owned by a family in Priest River, Idaho. They could not afford to feed him and did not have proper housing for a stallion. Chance was running amuck and was a danger to himself and the community. The power to the family’s home had been shut off and they could not even afford groceries.

We were his last hope.

The kill buyer was already en route to pick him up, and–with her kids crying over it and her heart broken–a friend had just read about Survivors Rescue and told her to call. While on the phone with us, the kill buyer pulled in two hours early to pick Chance up. Too distraught to talk, the gal put the buyer on the phone with us, and–for a fee–we were able to convince him to turn his trailer around and deliver Chance to the rescue instead of returning him to the kill pens. It was a very close call for this boy.

Chance getting his feet done. Such a good boy!

Second Chance was extremely underweight with neglect. He has now been gelded, dewormed, deliced, had his feet trimmed and has put on close to 400lbs since being at the rescue.

Chance prefers a partner and does not like to be alone. He does not respect wire fences at this time and needs a solid fence until he matures and has some time spent with him–it appears he has never been taught about fences.

Chance is extremely sweet and well-mannered; he tries to respond to anything asked of him from the ground.

Chance will be given some time in the round pen at our event on June 29th by Natural Horsemanship trainer–Gerry Cox–to see exactly what he knows and will be available for adoption then.

This is an amazing gelding that will make an excellent steed for many purposes. Who ever adopts Second Chance will get a really great horse.

Adoption Fee: ADOPTED

Second Chance is looking great!

Update 7/3/2013: Chance was recently started by local trainer, Gerry Cox. See the video linked below.

Colt Start – Chance