Join us August 28th to Observe and become Educated on Gelding a Horse

Join Us this Thursday night at 6 pm at Survivors Rescue and observe the Amazing work of Dr. Cherise Neu as she gelds Bravery, does some cometic hernia repair and pulls his wolf teeth, learn how to give a shot properly, learn the importance of these proceedures and see the talents of this fine VET in action, Did you know the average Stallion is capable of producing thousands of unwanted, neglected and abused babies in its lifetime, think of the lives you could spare if that one Stallion was simply gelded. Come and let us help educate on the importance of gelding horses and controlling the equine population humanely. Slaughter does not have to be the answer if you address the problem where it starts !  HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE !  Survivors Rescue 34215 Hwy 200, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 (Hwy 200 to milepost 34, second drive on the left)  Look for the “Golden Horse” !

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