This is one of the Posses proudest moments here at Survivors Rescue. Meet Georgie,  Her owner had been killed in a motorcycle accident and without a choice she was dropped off in the kill pens by his daughter, with tears rolling down her ch…eeks I handed her our card and told her we would do anything we could to save her.  After an intense bidding war with 3 kill buyers we were able to save her.  After getting Georgie to the rescue we realized she wasn’t a typical rescue. She hadn’t Been starved or abused or neglected. In her mind shd didn’t need us, she wasn’t ours and she didn’t belong here.  She distanced herself from us and the other horses.  My heart as well as the entire Posse’s weighed heavy as we realized this mare was so dedicatedly waiting for her owner to come for her.  We tried everything, every pasture, every mix of companion horse, different posse members and nothing took this mare  attention from her duty, she faithfully continued to wait for him.  Recently we were blessed with a new volunteer named Jacob and miracles began to happen, from the moment Georgie saw him it was love at first sight, he started coming to see her and began riding her.  Now by the mercy of god, Georgie, this beautiful, loving mare waits for Jacob, only now can i truly say this mares life has been spared, Georgie has been adopted by Jacob and will be leaving to her forever home !  AMEN   Congratulations on your new mare