Ways to Help


We graciously consider all donations, you may make a donation of items found on our “Wishlist & Needs“, a donation of vehicles or land, a donation of your time or efforts, or a donation of money.  Vendors are highly encouraged to may make donations of products as well.

Anyone can make a donation via Paypal to [email protected]; through our website atwww.survivorsrescue.com–click on the donate button; at any Wells Fargo Bank in the name of Survivors Rescue Inc., Sandpoint, Idaho; or  donations may be so graciously given by mail in care of %Survivors Rescue Inc. at 34101 Hwy 200 Sandpoint, Idaho 83864


If you love horses and want to help Sponsorship is a great way to make a difference.  Call Dawn at (208)290-6702 and schedule an appointment to come out and take a look and chose your special horse that you would like to sponsor.


Experienced Grant Writer to help research, apply, and secure grants
Board Members to help with decision making

  • Board and Commitee Members
  • Advisors–to help in a situation that the group may not be prepared to handle, source of inspiration,  ideas, and suggestions
  • Treasurer–Accountant Dwight Scheffler, CPA donates to us and volunteers as an expert in taxes, budgeting or business management
  • Secretary– must be someone who is adept at filling out paperwork and keeping records
  • Developer–all the paperwork we will use within the rescue, including reports, auditing procedures, capital expenditures, and tracking donation receipts, files for tracking animals processed through the rescue, abuse forms, paperwork used with the public, including adoption contracts, adoption applications, and brochures
  • Insurance & Law–Privacy Policy for Donors
  • Webmaster–Logo design donated by Klt Customs and Website provided and managed by Playforward Designs

Even if you are not an avid horse lover, you can provide us with a great deal of advice, ideas, and professional support!


Become a foster home and prepare to take in a rescue in need.

Help us Rescue:

We can use all the help we can get!  If you see anything that interests you or you have skill that would benefit our mission, please help us!

Policies & Procedures. accept donated horses, abuse and neglect situation, attend auctions
Adoption procedures
Records Proceedure
Feeding Programs
Training Programs
Disaster plans Program
Foster/Donor Program
Gelding Incentive Program
Sponsorship Program
Educational Program
Stable Crew to help with the stall mucking, grooming and feeding
Promotion/Marketing Crew to help promote the Horses via web venues, print etc.
Fundraising Crew to help plan and carryout fundraising events.
Mentorship Crew to help with new experiences we may face